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ASA Membership

The Association of Surgical Assistants (ASA) is a professional membership organization devoted to uniting professionals from diverse backgrounds to advance the field of surgical first assisting. The CSFA, CSA, and SA-C play a vital role in health care and by joining ASA, these practitioners will secure the future of the surgical assisting profession.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of your national surgical assisting professional organization is a positive commitment to your career. When you join the Association of Surgical Assistants, you receive all of ASA's member benefits, including discounts on continuing education, access to malpractice insurance, legislative advocacy, and much more.  Learn more about the cost and categories of ASA membership and join today.

Member Discounts

Continuing Education and Live Events: Processing Credits - Coming Soon!

Members of the Association of Surgical Assistants are eligible to receive special discounted rates on live educational events, workshops, and continuing education. The ASA is proud to offer the most advanced and relevant educational opportunities for surgical assistants. Members receive priority seating and discounted enrollment for ASA sponsored events such as robotics workshops and surgical cadaver labs presented by cutting edge surgical equipment suppliers and manufacturers. 

Legislative Advocacy for Surgical Assisting

The central focus of ASA's advocacy efforts has been legislative recognition for the profession and protecting the right to practice for credentialed surgical assistants. ASA has been legislatively successful with either licensure, registration, or certification in Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, Nebraska, Kentucky, and the District of Columbia (Indiana does recognize the profession in vein harvesting). Current legislation is pending in Ohio, Massachusetts, and potentially Rhode Island.

ASA members can log in to learn more about ASA's advocacy efforts.

Professional Benefits

Malpractice Insurance

The Association of Surgical Assistants has partnered with Berxi to provide malpractice insurance to ASA members at very affordable rates. Visit the Berxi website.

Members Only Facebook Group

Only ASA members may access the members only Facebook group. On this discussion board, members connect with each other, ask questions, share strategies and get insights. This resource is a crucial avenue for staying current with issues affecting the profession and advice from surgical assistants across the country.

Publisher of Educational Benchmarks

  1. Core Curriculum for Surgical Assisting. The 4th edition of the Core Curriculum for Surgical Assisting was published in summer 2019.
  2. Launching the first textbook for the profession.

These publications ensure that every surgical assisting student has a standardized knowledge base and clinical competencies.

Levels of Membership


  • Holds current NBSTSA certification as a CSFA or NCCSA certification as a CSA
  • Voice and Vote
  • JOIN


  • Holds NBSTSA certification as a CST or ABSA certification as a surgical assistant (SA-C); or whose primary employer is a CAAHEP-accredited surgical assisting program
  • Voice
  • JOIN


$87.50/yr --(COMING SOON!)

  • Must provide proof of reaching the Social Security retirement age or provide proof of permanent disability resulting in an inability to work
  • Voice and/or Vote, dependent on previous membership criteria met
  • JOIN


  • Must be currently enrolled in a CAAHEP-accredited surgical assisting program (proof of enrollment is required)
  • Voice
  • JOIN

***Refund Policy:

No refunds will be given after 30 days of membership or renewal form submission. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or for further information.