Guidelines and Position Statements

Certified Surgical First Assistants rely on evidence-based resources to ensure the highest standards of care and practice. The American Surgical Association (ASA) offers two levels of practice resources: Position Statements and Guideline Statements.

Position Statements convey the ASA's stance, viewpoint, or perspective on various issues related to surgical assisting.

Guideline Statements provide criteria for best practices and serve as standards of care expected to be achieved by practitioners. These guidelines are developed through rigorous research and are intended to support legislative efforts and provide answers to common questions posed by operating room supervisors.

By adhering to these Guidelines, Certified Surgical First Assistants can ensure that their practice aligns with the highest educational and performance standards. These Guidelines serve as a reference for healthcare facilities that employ surgical assistants, providing assurance to patients, practitioners, and allied health administrators alike. They represent the minimum expectations of the profession and promote consistency and excellence in surgical assisting practice across various healthcare settings.

Position Statements

Guidelines Statements