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Welcome to ASA, where passion meets purpose. Together, we're shaping the future of our profession and creating opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration.

Why Get Involved?

Volunteering isn't just about giving your time; it's about enriching your own professional journey. By getting involved, you'll:

  • Empower Your Voice: Influence decisions that shape the industry.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with like-minded professionals and experts.
  • Develop Skills: Gain leadership, teamwork, and project management experience.
  • Make an Impact: Drive initiatives that benefit the community and advance the profession.

How to Get Involved

Ready to take the next step and make a difference? Explore the committees below and find the perfect fit for your skills and interests, then complete the Committee Application Form.

  • Organizational Marketing and Membership Committee
The Organizational Marketing and Membership Committee is dedicated to promoting the association while engaging and retaining existing members. This committee collaborates with other committees to coordinate membership drives, events, and initiatives aimed at enhancing member satisfaction and participation. Through their efforts, this committee plays a vital role in expanding the association's reach and ensuring its continued growth and success.
  • Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing, updating, and interpreting the association's bylaws. They ensure that the bylaws are aligned with the organization's mission, goals, and legal requirements. This committee plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the association's governance structure.
  • Education and Professional Standards Committee
The Education and Professional Standards Committee is tasked with maintaining and enhancing the educational standards and professional development opportunities within the association. They establish and uphold professional standards and guidelines to ensure the highest level of competency and ethical conduct among members. Through their dedication to educational excellence and professional integrity, this committee plays a pivotal role in elevating the standards of practice within the association and the broader professional community.
  • Budget and Finance Committee
The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the association's financial matters and ensuring fiscal stability and transparency. This committee develops and manages the annual budget, monitors financial performance, and makes recommendations to the board regarding financial policies and decisions. Additionally, they work closely with other committees to align financial resources with strategic priorities and goals. Through diligent financial planning and stewardship, this committee plays a critical role in safeguarding the association's financial health and sustainability.
  • Marketing and Social Media Committee
The Marketing and Social Media Committee is dedicated to promoting the association's mission, events, and initiatives through various marketing channels and social media platforms. This committee develops and implements comprehensive marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, engage with current and prospective members, and drive participation in association activities. They create compelling content, including posts, articles, and visuals, to effectively communicate the value proposition of the association and showcase its impact on the profession. Additionally, they monitor social media trends, analyze engagement metrics, and adjust strategies as needed to optimize outreach efforts. Through their creativity and strategic thinking, this committee plays a vital role in enhancing the association's visibility, fostering community engagement, and ultimately, advancing its mission and goals.
  • Legislation Committee
The Legislation Committee is tasked with monitoring legislative developments and advocating for policies that align with the association's interests and priorities. This committee stays informed about relevant laws, regulations, and proposed legislation that impact the profession and healthcare landscape. They analyze the potential impact of legislative changes on the association and its members, and they develop advocacy strategies to influence decision-makers and promote favorable outcomes. Additionally, they may collaborate with other organizations and stakeholders to advance shared goals and address legislative challenges collectively. Through their advocacy efforts, this committee plays a crucial role in shaping public policy and protecting the interests of the association and its members.
  • Policies and Procedures Committee
The Policies and Procedures Committee is responsible for developing, reviewing, and maintaining the association's internal policies and procedures. This committee ensures that all organizational policies are clear, consistent, and aligned with the association's mission, values, and legal requirements. They establish protocols for governance, operations, and decision-making processes to promote transparency, accountability, and efficiency within the association. Additionally, they regularly review existing policies and recommend updates or revisions as necessary to reflect changes in regulations, best practices, or organizational needs. Through their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to compliance, this committee plays a critical role in upholding the integrity and effectiveness of the association's operations and governance structure.
  • Workshops Committee
The Workshops Committee is dedicated to planning, organizing, and executing engaging and educational workshops for the association's members. This committee collaborates closely with subject matter experts and industry professionals to identify relevant topics and develop high-quality workshop content. They coordinate logistics, such as scheduling, venue selection, and equipment setup, to ensure seamless execution of each workshop. Additionally, they promote workshops to members and facilitate registration and attendance tracking. Throughout the process, the committee members strive to create an inclusive and interactive learning environment that fosters professional growth and networking opportunities for participants. Through their dedication and creativity, the Workshops Committee plays a vital role in providing valuable learning experiences that enhance the skills and knowledge of the association's members.
  • Research and Development Committee
The Research and Development Committee is dedicated to advancing the association's knowledge base and fostering innovation within the field. This committee identifies key research areas and opportunities for development that align with the association's mission and goals. They collaborate with researchers, industry experts, and other stakeholders to initiate and support research projects, studies, and initiatives that address current challenges and emerging trends in the field. Additionally, they explore new ideas, technologies, and methodologies that have the potential to enhance the practice of surgical assisting and improve patient outcomes. Through their commitment to research and innovation, this committee plays a crucial role in advancing the profession and driving continuous improvement within the association and the broader healthcare community.

***Are you interested in running for an elected office? Visit thASA Leadership page for more details.